Then I realized that I can do it

The moment I promised to undergo one of physical medical tests, I haven’t got a single idea about what’s going to happen. Who would say that you can be connected to that many tubes, gadgets and electronics at the same time. For someone without a prior experience it’s something truly unimaginable. You will see later on. 

Get going with miomove!

There was a lot of going on about the miomove smart shoe development and furthermore, we decided to arrange a race in the heart of White Carpathians. We named the Kopanice desítka and the half-marathon as miomoveRUN.


I´m Jana and I want to run. Why? There are several reasons to. 1) I´m seeking an active relaxation which helps me at least for a while to switch off my brain and lets me relax from work. 2) I don’t want to stay fully dependant on opening hours of fitness centers and tools of […]

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