Creative Business Cup Czech Republic – miomove, the winner

The “miomove” project has participated in a national round of a Creative Business Cup contest on 25th September, 2018 which had over 70 countries around the globe involved. The objective of this contest is to connect creative entrepreneurs with investors and to support their first step into global market. The committee aimed to choose a project which has the potential to succeed in an international scope.

miomove holds the 1. place

The miomove team is grateful to all the organizers, business partners, other participants, the committee, the audience and last but not least, our great host Tomáš Studeník for amazing support.

The national round of the Creative Business Cup contest was open to all entrepreneurs with viable ideas. Some of the areas supported being design, fashion, technology, architecture, advertisement, movie, photography, gastronomy, freetime activities, toys, music, radio, TV and also software, computer games or 3D printers.

A lot of hard work went into

all this success

Our next aim

is to take down Copenhagen

The national round winners from individual countries advance to the international finale which is going to be held in north-european metropolis that has The Little Mermaid sitting on a rock as its most famous monument. From 26th to 27th November, 2018, right in Copenhagen which is the capital of Denmark, there will be the 72 best projects chosen across all the five continents presenting their idea to professionals and investors.