I´m Jana and I want to run.

Why? There are several reasons to.

1) I´m seeking an active relaxation which helps me at least for a while to switch off my brain and lets me relax from work.

2) I don’t want to stay fully dependant on opening hours of fitness centers and tools of any size and shape.

3) I’d like to find my lost form and with a loud shout: “FORWARD!” let it come back.

4) Whether I manage to get a callus here and there during the process, the better for me. I take it as a pleasant bonus.

5) It’s cool. Running habits are slowly but surely coming to Czech Republic as well, so we can mutually support ourselves. In Denmark, there are runners which greet each other by shouting TILFØJE!, which in Danish actually means “Work hard!” True story, I’ve spent there half a year with them. They are running regardless of the weather.

Sure, my rational part of brain knows all of this already. However, there is one of the hardest phases coming and that is training your self-disciplice and power of will. In other words, I means that you must overcome your own lazyness and go head over heels to the sport. Probably like many people before me (and I believe that I am not the last one), I have also gone through all the phases of dealing with a uncertainty and all the burdensome situations:

1) Denial > “What has come to my mind again? It’s not that I need to run or anything. What would it be evem good for?”

2) Anger > “Why should it be me to start running while Christine doesn’t do anything?”

3) Paltering > “Alright, one more week and I will start by next Monday.”

4) Depresssion > “I´m not capable of running anyways. After all, I haven’t got any good of a condition to do so.

5) Atonement > “I´m not waiting any longer. I am starting right now.”

Alright, but how? What do I need to know beforehand? Can I even run by not hurting myself? Is it safe? Is there someone to tell me, what technique should be applied in order to do it corrrectly? What should I wear? What shoes shall I purchase? How should I start eating? Is there a complementary exercise to do besides that? Who should I go to if there is something that starts to hurt?

A lot of questions you can find various answers on the internew to, while at the end of the day, you are confused who to even trust. I really don’t like weighing up whose answers are correct or whether hasn’t someone even made all the suggestion up.

WELL! I am taking this situation to my hands and I will rather ask “real” people who have already come through these kind of situations and know what to do. Moreover, the ones that’ve got it verified and with good results.

Wish me luck. Tomorrow, I’ve got a sports doctor appointment. A report will be there soon.