Get going with miomove!

Yes, that’s right. There was a lot of going on about the miomove smart shoe development and furthermore, we decided to arrange a race in the heart of White Carpathians. We named the Kopanice desítka and the half-marathon as miomoveRUN.

Why in the White Carpathians, you ask? You don’t get it unless you go there. The miomove brand, the smart shoe idea and even our thrill for running have all originated there. The participants could convince themselves of the beautiful sceneries waiting for all of you to be seen.

We were also honored to see Miloš Škorpil there, who I’ve recently met at his Running school. A photo report and an interview with Miloš Škorpil are in progress; I will add those later. This inconspicuous guy consistently helps new runners prepare for their half-marathon and marathon participations and gives them advice about running itself, saving energy, running without pain and despite all of this he doesn’t forget to smile all the time. You can’t really defy that much life optimism. Therefore, everyone interested in anything related to a technique, lifestyle, diet and so forth, also came. We actually held a thematic seminar with Miloš and others who have something to say about running in the afternoon after the race. You can find additional information on our FB event.

The race was held 2017/9/16 in Žitková at the Kopanice Hotel, where it all started and ended. We had prepared all the starting numbers and medals for all of those who managed to register themselves online (until 9/10).

It was also possible to reserve a stay at the Kopanice Hotel which was in a discount for all the participants as well as booking a masage or wellness program in advance.

We are looking forward to seeing you there next time