Then I realized that I can do it

The moment I promised to undergo one of physical medical tests, I haven’t got a single idea about what’s going to happen. Who would say that you can be connected to that many tubes, gadgets and electronics at the same time. For someone without a prior experience it’s something truly unimaginable. You will see later on. 

I find myself healthy, but the one who is prepared is not surprised. Anyway, I wanted myself to feel one hundred percent sure that my body sustains additional physical load. I call it just being extra careful. I have been recommended sports doctor as the first hint from each and every one. I was supposed to find out within an hour about my physical capabilities. That’s ideal.

I head over to a clinic in Kroměříž where Robert Náplava has got his office. He is known for that. It looks like I am going to be taken care of.

It starts as a regular physical examination – who you are, what you’ve gone through, do you take any cure, etc. What comes nex tis an eye sight examination (I am more far more nearsighted that I thought I had been), blood presure measuring and all the suction cups for the heart examination. All the detailed information is on their web page.

Now come the fun part. It starts by weighing on a InBody weighing machine which tell you your fat, water and muscle percentage and how to deal with them – to loose fat, get more muscles, etc. This is the ideal start for every personal trainer to get data from to create your own training plan and diet. That’s easy. The measurement of lung capacity is also fun, when you breathe to a tube with a clip on your nose to prevent you from cheating until you run out of air. Allegedly, everyone looks like a fool a little bit during this measurement, thus I am calmed.



After it’s all done, you undergo an ergometer examination. They get you on a treadmill, tie you up („For you not to be afraid of flying away out of here.“) and connect all the suction cups for all the vakuum tubes for a heart work measurement and then a oxygen mask that on the other hand measures the oxygen and carbon dioxyde level ratios. Thanks to that, they are able to tell you when the anaerobic phase starts (I will come to this topis in a near future, but what is important to know is that sufficiently long physical exercise in a aerobic phase leads to a fat burning). And then it’s your time to run. The treadmill get faster every minute and you just simply do you best till you can. I ended for example approximately after 10 minutes during a 12 kph speed.



Quite a workout, not that it’s not. The oxygen mask is not anything spectacular. I might’ve got little problems if I had had a claustrophobia. Anyway, the final results showed overall endurance aerobic parameters exceeding a population average. In a medical way, I am now oficially able to maintain maximal physical strain and race sport without limitations. Yeah.



I had a long talk with the doctor afterwards while me having a lot of questions that I needed an answer to, so let’s discuss those next time.