We help

and our pleasure is twice as big if we see a smile as a result.

miomove team helps
Klárinka from Nivnice

Her name is Klárka and she is only less than three years old. However, since her birth, she has to deal with a heavy eye defect.

„For now, Klárinka wears a pair of distance glasses and uses an occluder. She has got an inborn farsightedness and amblyopia (a lazy eye) – in a right eye, she has got 9.50 D and in a left eye, she has got 11.25 D. She has got 5 diopters for both eyes for now, so she can slowly get used to that“, describes her mom Veronika.

Renault Megane GrandTour
present for Klárinka

Her parents have to take her at an eye clinic in Olomouc quite often.

On top of that, recently, unknown culprits have stolen their newish family car therefore her mom lost a possible way to get with Klárinka anywhere at all.

Handing in keys
for the Renault Megane

Therefore, miomove team decided to give Klárinka a new Renault Megane GrandTour vehicle and on 8/1/2017 gave her the keys.

For parents and small Klárka it is a great help.

Joy of the new car
from a Kromexim Zlín (CZ)

„We are both very thrilled and happy from the car and the fact that it’s ours. Great excitement was mainly hers since we now regardless of dad go on trips but also at the doctor’s.

She has already tried to turn on a radio herself but she hasn’t got her favourite songs there. Thus, we were singing along the way home“, said her mom Veronika.

miomove team
has got fingers crossed

Klárka fights the disease very bravely – she likes doing a puzzle or „reading“ books the most. She plays like any other kid at her age.

In an adulthood, she should undergo an eye operation where would doctors implant her lenses.