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Start to run smart!!

with miomove smart insole

for measuring the pressure of your steps

Our technology

pressure visualization
Most loaded area


Unique technology for an active lifestyle support

developed by miomove, in cooperation with one of the most modern research and development center in Europe. We can analyze pressure of human body during your movement activity. Our technology is based on unique most flexible and sensitive nanosensors to give you occurate informations about your stepping technique.

Result of years self-development and research.

Correct running technique is the key for overall health

Are you running or walking?

  • step is 1% body flat influences rest 99%
  • more than 25 reflection points on your foot
  • never depraciate your foot and steps!
movement habits of worlds population
spine pain
injuries caused by
incorrect running technique

Meet miomove Smart Insole!

Your personal trainer, ready to lead you. Anytime, anywhere!

We have prototype of Smart insole to introduce the posibillities of our technology.

We can:

Analyze your step pressure via our Smart insole in real time.
Visualize results of your running technique to help you find correct running or walking style.
Alert you to errors, caused by incorrect posture.
Help you to use the right muscles of your feet to prevent injuries and pains.

Analyze running technique
Improve your posture

Our Partners

Center of Polymer Systems. One of the most modern research and development center in Europe.
Miloš Škorpil. Founder of 1st Running school in Czech Republic
Tabidoo - The best solution for managing your business

Start to run smart
with miomove!

Your personal trainer, helping you
with every step!

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