based on the most sensitive and flexible sensors in the world

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tread-down analysis

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breath monitoring

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life in 3D, anatomically precise videos


smart insoles which tells you exact informations about your posture and the activity you are doing in real time thanks to measurement your tread-down by nanosensors for pressure and motion analysis


is one of the most modern development and researche center in Europe Center of Polymer System at Tomas Bata University. Sensors are results of several years of development of the top scientist from Czech Republic.


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Petr Vabroušek

a professional triathlete

182 finished Ironmen and out of that 36 won
A winner of the World cup in a long triatlon twice
A winner of marathons in Antarctica and on the North pole


miomove News

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Then I realized that I can do it

The moment I promised to undergo one of physical medical tests, I haven’t got a single idea about what’s going to happen. Who would say that you can be connected to that many tubes, gadgets and electronics at the same time. For someone without a prior experience it’s something truly unimaginable. You will see later on. 

Get going with miomove!

There was a lot of going on about the miomove smart shoe development and furthermore, we decided to arrange a race in the heart of White Carpathians. We named the Kopanice desítka and the half-marathon as miomoveRUN.


I´m Jana and I want to run. Why? There are several reasons to. 1) I´m seeking an active relaxation which helps me at least for a while to switch off my brain and lets me relax from work. 2) I don't want to stay fully dependant on opening hours of fitness centers and...