miomove Smart Shoe

It introduces you a unique technology
     which helps you run more effectively

Polymeric nanocomposite sensors
     and their structure in the multifunctional insole
Miloš Škorpil Running school (CZ)

It gives you maximum information about your motion


10.6 km

Step count

13,333 steps


9.2 km/h


06:32 min/km


723 cal

It also communicates with a mobile application you get as a bonus for supporting our project

You will have more information
about the right technique
and footwork


which is essential
for a precise hit

You will appreciate its utilization even in cycling,
golf or football

Our patented sensors are unique for their linear property changes against acting forces

The sensor technology for miomove Smart Shoe consists of two components, which are:
proprietary nanocomposite nanomaterial functional polymers made from carbon nanotubes carbon paper and two opposite carbon electrodes for two-point resistance change measurement.
Protected by PUV 2017-34020